Automotive Field

Passenger car power and fuel economy analysis

Case background

Vehicle Dynamics and Economic Analysis Traditional software uses a closed model. It is difficult for designers to judge the difference between the model and the real product. It is difficult to modify or expand the model according to the requirements, which is not conducive to rapid forward design.

Case description

n response to the demand for passenger car power and soft and economic analysis, Modelica is used to assist enterprises to establish a self-controllable vehicle dynamics and economic analysis model library, providing 100 km acceleration, fixed speed acceleration, cycle conditions, ramps. Start, customize and other multi-case analysis.

Customized enterprise-specific simulation programs, providing results presentation format that conforms to corporate habits, importing vehicle parameters from Excel, automatically generating Word simulation reports, batch simulation management, and many other functions. The results of the project have been fully verified in the analysis of various manual vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and other vehicles.

Practice and effect

Support vehicle dynamic and economic simulation analysis; independent controllable parts and vehicle models, replace foreign closed models, promote independent knowledge accumulation; parameter setting, batch simulation, report generation (semi) automation, effectively improve system level Design and simulation efficiency.