Aviation Field

Aircraft multi-domain model development and integrated integrated virtual test

Case background

In the development of modern civil aircraft, testing is an important means of assisting design. The traditional aircraft test methods include ground comprehensive test and flight test. The ground test includes iron bird test, engineering simulator test and avionics test bench test. However, in the initial stage of system development, prototypes are often not available, and some extreme conditions test has great risks and dangers. Therefore, simulation test methods show great advantages and irreplaceability throughout the development process. At present, there are mature modeling tools for various professional fields, but each modeling tool is isolated or loosely coupled with each other,artificially separating the connection between the whole system, and it is difficult to systematically analyze the whole machine.

In order to speed up the development process, shorten the research and development cycle, and improve the comprehensive performance and quality of products, foreign advanced aviation manufacturers are actively exploring and innovating in multidisciplinary system integration and digital modeling of complete machines.

Case description

In combination with the aircraft development process, a reliable aircraft-level virtual integrated test system can be established, which can be used for initial verification of aircraft system models, system system integration interface verification, simulation for various flight conditions, and functional performance analysis of extreme conditions. Therefore, the aircraft system design requirements are verified and confirmed, and the advance technical support for the aircraft physical comprehensive test is provided.

Based on Modelica and MWorks.Sysplorer platforms:

Practice and effect