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Digital Experimental Analysis of Model-Based Reactor Natural Circulation System

Case background

Aiming at the business problems of high physical risk, high cost and narrow application scope of the current reactor natural circulation system, digital modeling and simulation methods are adopted to model the behavior of the natural circulation system of the reactor to "model reuse and system weight." "Technology", research on digital simulation analysis technology of model-based reactor natural circulation system, establish a set of digital high-fidelity digital experimental system to support the program evaluation, experimental prediction and fault simulation of reactor natural circulation experimental system .

Case description

Based on the ThermoFluidSys_TY heat flow system model library and the Modelica standard library, the corresponding system model is quickly constructed according to the natural circulation test loop principle. Under the different heating conditions of the test body, the physical properties of the fluid inside the loop system and the changes of the flow state are simulated. , accuratelypredict the pressure, flow and temperature of each node of the system.

Practice and effect