System Architecture Design Tool MWorks.SysBuilder

Product Descriptions

The present complex engineering systems development usually adopts the Model-based System Engineering (MBSE) approach. According to the MBSE approach, the architecture model will be separately established in all MBSE stages (requirement definition, functional analysis, logical design, physical design) (see Figure 2-1) to describe and guide the design and evolution path of the system at different stages from the top perspective. Traditional SysML-based system architecture design tools have the following application problems:

  • Without the design model library, users have to build and maintain knowledge in a large variety of fields from scratch;
  • System modeling language is alienated from the specific field, which even cannot be mastered and read by professional designers;
  • The design model needs to be converted into a simulation model, and it is difficult to guarantee the consistency from the design to simulation model;
  • Methodology is detached from tools, making design tools difficult to master;
  • It’s difficult to manage complexity and display massive graphic information

Figure 2-1 System architecture model-focused MBSE process

MWorks.Sysbuilder is a model-based system architecture design tool for complex engineering systems. With system requirements as input and according to the top-down system development process, it covers the design process of conceptual architecture, functional architecture and logical architecture of the system in a graphical, structured and object-oriented manner and, through close integration with MWorks.Sysplorer, helps to realize comprehensive analysis and verification of multiple fields in the early stage of system design.

Fig. 2-2 Product architecture diagram of MWorks.Sysbuilder

What can Sysbuilder do?

Graphical architecture definition: It defines system architecture (structure and behavior) in neutral format to promote effective cooperation between Cyber and Physical and facilitate system integration;

Hierarchical architecture design: It supports top-down system decomposition and bottom-up component packaging to realize hierarchical system architecture design modeling;

Architecture reuse: Through seamless integration with MWorks.Syslink, it enables reuse of architecture templates and various model libraries stored in the central model data server;

Static analysis and calculation: It enables checking of the consistency of parameters, interfaces and connections through static analysis, and supports system static calculation based on models;

Dynamic analysis and calculation: It supports access to white box, gray box and black box models of components for comprehensive dynamic simulation and analysis of the system in multiple fields;

Multiple scheme selection: It supports multi-scenario configuration and operation and assistance in best scheme selection by quick and quantitative analysis with visual scheme comparison tools;

Professional view generation: It supports generation of various professional logic views based on system architecture, including electrical logic architecture, information logic architecture and pipeline logic architecture, to realize seamless cooperation between system engineering and professional engineering;

External interface: It supports importing Modelica and Sysml schemea templates in neutral format, or exporting neutral format in Modelica and Sysml model framework; supports the interface with demand requirement management system to realize demand requirement traceability and verification.

Application scope

MWorks.Sysbuilder provides a concise but powerful system architecture model design solution, which meets the requirements of functional analysis, logical design, multi-scheme comparison and optimization design of complex systems in such fields as aviation, aerospace, vehicles and ships, and is suitable for the conceptual demonstration and scheme design stage of complex engineering system development.

Application case of Sysbuilder

An aerospace institute developed an aircraft rapid scheme demonstration system based on Sysbuilder, which covered the process of aircraft scheme demonstration, and was used in combination with aircraft multi-field unified model library to complete the whole process of demonstration of scheme from scratch, including task analysis, constraint analysis, function analysis, design synthesis, analysis and evaluation.