System Comprehensive Simulation Verification Tool Morks.Sysplorer

Background of Sysplorer

  • Modeling Expression

    With rising automation and intelligence of industrial products, multi-domain coupling has become a prominent feature of current industrial products. Multi-disciplinary design collaboration and model integration have become necessary technologies for industrial product system design.

    Modelica is a multi-domain unified modeling language launched made under this background. Apart from the advantages of previous multi-domain modeling languages in multiple fields, Modelica combines the object-oriented mechanism of Java and the array expression mechanism of Matlab. It is a business description language targeting design engineers, which can effectively support model-based system engineering applications.

Product Functions

Sysplorer is a system level comprehensive design and simulation verification platform targeting multi-domain industrial products.

Based on the international multi-domain unified modeling specification Modelica, Sysplorer supports the modeling expression and modular packaging of industrial design knowledge, physical topology-based rapid system model integration and design verification as well as multi-scheme prioritization and design parameter optimization. For its knowledge reuse and system reconfigurable mode, Sysplorer provides effective technical support for design knowledge accumulation and product innovation design of industrial enterprises. It is of utmost value for early detection of product design defects, rapid design solutions verification, product performance optimization, and effective reduction of physical verification times.

Product Descriptions

Multi-domain unified modeling and consistent expression;

Support Modelica and FMI specifications, distributed joint simulation;

Model simulation test and parameter optimization;

Automatic conversion of assembly model to dynamic model;

Automatic generation of model-driven simulation program;

Synchronization curve and animation display of result data.

Model encryption tool, supporting model encryption and license.

Digital instrument tool library.

Command and script tool library.

Support C/Fortran integration and Simulink S-Funtion export;

Plug-in mechanism and API interface;

Application Case of Sysplorer

Using Sysplorer integrated design and verification platform, a prototype model of full-system digital function of spacecraft is constructed.
  • The whole process simulation of vehicle or bitand attitude control.
  • Design and performance verification of airpurification system.
  • Design and performance verification of temperature, humidity and pressure controlsystem in cabin.
  • The simulation verification of attitude and orbit control propulsion system.
  • The influence of flight dynamics and flight environment on the control system.
  • The output characteristics of primary power supply system and the influence of flight environment on power generation system.